雅思科技类阅读(雅思写作 科技类)



People still value artists in the age of advanced science and technology. What are the reasons? Are arts as important as science and technology?



The advanced technology and cutting-edge breakthrough of science usher in an age when the obsession with logic and rationality elbow its way to the spotlight of public. However, art or the artists, the relatively sentimental part of human mind, still deserves a place for its irreplaceable importance.

It is apparent that the intrinsic characteristics of human being’s mind make artists an indispensable role of mankind. The essence of arts is its natural outflow of human emotion and their perception to the world from a subjective and self-oriented perspective, which can arouse a mental echo of the thirst for beauty and the probation of the primitive state of mind. Although we have lived in a world beaming with the hustle and bustle brought by technology, we still need musicians to compose the melodious tunes and painters to depict the magnificence of landscape. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night will not pale compared with the stunning Hubble telescope.

The importance of art cannot be underestimated for the simple reason that its benefits will make a difference to human, albeit the dominance of technology. The pace of modern life has been inevitably accelerated due to the penetration of technological devices such as new media and machines, whose tyranny drains energy and paralyses our sense to the beauty of world. This circumstance is likely to be eased because art can present the aesthetic bliss and therefore reduce the fatigue and tiresome. It seems that the exhaustive soul can be nourished in the company of a light-hearted classic music and a piece of oil painting. We need the soothing comfort of art, as the advancement of our logic is always entwined with the call of our nature.

雅思科技类阅读(雅思写作 科技类)



It is known to all that the technological and scientific advances have made greater changes to the range and quality of our food. Some people regard it as an improvement while others believe that the change is harmful. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Sample answer:

When it comes to the issue about how to judge the use of technologies on food, some people may argue that it contributes to a wider range of available food with better quality for human beings, but others believe that such advances may bring detriments to people’s health.

On one hand, thanks to the modern technologies, human beings are potent to enjoy a wider range of food than before. In the past, people could only enjoy some specific food in specific seasons, such as watermelon in summer. However, with the development of modern technologies, such as the green house, it is also available for individuals to enjoy watermelon in any season they like. Thus, the range of food has been exactly enlarged a lot due to the technological progress.

On the other hand, some potential risks may also exist with the utilization of technologies. It is acknowledged that scientists are eager to explore the mystery of transgene technologies and have adopted some technologies on food. However, the public may be fearful of such new product and even parade to resist transgene food since they cannot know whether some ingredients, after being altered by scientists, would do harm to their health. Considering the short history of transgene food, it is also understandable that human beings are reluctant to accept this new technology.

From my own perspective, it may be inevitable for human beings to adopt some scientific technologies to improve the range and quality of food, especially with the hybrid rice largely alleviating the famine worldwide. However, the possibility of negative consequences caused by it may not be ignored, either. Governments and scientists should be more responsible for their behavior and more scientific researches should be carried out to guarantee that the side effect of new food should be minimal. After all, what human beings intend through technologies on food is a better life, but not death.


Task:More people are using mobile phones and computers to communicate. Therefore, people are losing the ability to communicate with each other face to face. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample answer:

Now you are benefiting from the use of mobile phone and the Internet as social interaction media, could you imagine what your daily lives would be without these inventions? Some people claim that individuals are gradually losing face-to-face communication skills. Nevertheless, from personal perspective, online communication cannot make people lose the ability of offline communication.

Apparently, excessive use of the Internet and mobile phones has been undermining our interpersonal relationship offline. Even during a face-to-face conversation, it is no rare thing that everyone is busy looking at his cell phones, neglecting his friends or families across the dinner table. In addition, it has become incredibly easy to contact each other electronically and share information instantly in social community. Gone are the days when people could only communicate via fixed telephone or writing letters which took several days to reach others. So no one is not crazy about smart phones and computers which boast cutting-edge functions like sharing photos and videos with more friends simultaneously.

In spite of the popularity of technological progress mentioned above, never should we turn a blind eye to the irreplaceablity of face-to-face communication. It is common that many schools impart knowledge to students by teaching in classrooms instead of distance education. The same is true of the cooperation among companies, which needs face to face conversation to acquire trust with each other in advance. Furthermore, although online contact may possess increasing numbers of friends, the permanence of mutual relationships cannot lack face-to-face interactions, which can be confirmed by the example of the closest friends and even loving couples. Besides, solving tricky issues are generally more effective and more convenient by surrounding colleagues or friends then by those who live and work in remote places and need online communication.

As far as social interaction is concerned, although the cell phone and the Internet have updated the lives of the current generation. People cannot forget how to make offline communication with each other.


Task:Some scientists believe that intelligent life forms may exist on other planets and some want to send messages to contact them. Others think it is a bad idea because these life forms may be too dangerous. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



Sample answer:

With advancement of societal technology, certain scientists work for looking for other intelligent life forms who may not exist on the earth such as aliens. While some people argue that contacting with them is likely to bring danger to human. Therefore, the essay aims to critically discuss both views and come up with my own opinion.

That a number of researchers try to find other planets’ living species has to be admitted that pursing that curiosity is one of mankind’s nature. Additionally, by exchanging ideas with aliens about historical progression and academic discussion and so on, mankind’s world has the opportunity to make immense progress in modern technology by giving inspirations to scientists for pushing the frontiers of science which may solve particular thorny issues such as environmental pollution. On the other hand, as far as some researchers are concerned, it lays a solid foundation for people to possess an improved quality of life who live on other planets in order to avoid diseases and disasters brought by serve atmosphere pollution and doomsday respectively.

While, simultaneously, others claim that touching with aliens probably breaks seemingly peaceful earth and brings unexpected danger. Firstly, it is likely that being greedy, exploitative and violent, aliens are searching for somewhere to harvest for water, minerals and fuel, contributing to meeting unprecedented risk by telling them the man’s existence. Furthermore, people know nothing of extraterrestrial intelligence intentions and capabilities so it is impossible to predict whether they will be benign or hostile. For example, earthlings will may be slaughtered and enslaved as colonized countries in the past time.

From a personal perspective, earthlings can try to search for other unique life forms in various planets, but without promising to guarantee human’s lives, it would not better send messages to aliens and disturb their daily lives.

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