In winter, a piece of white, the whole world like spread on the white carpet, snow sister dance in this season. In the morning, I woke up from a dream, open the window and found great white quilt cover all the world. At first, snow, after a while, under the snow, the greater the product became a about a metre high snow drifts. Snow floating down from the sky, the soft body posture, like a little girl. I put my hand out of the window, the snow falls in your hands, feel is so soft and comfortable, I can't help being intoxicated by it, attracted by the… Winter grandpa over here, stay on the earth, the tree, a roof, stone… Everything here is winter grandpa that white Hu Ziran white. In the heavy snow in the winter, I saw a proud of snow ling cream of flos mume, he meet snow, is not afraid of the cold. I saw the wintersweet flower branches on blooming pieces of red plum flower. In winter, I love you, love you that gentle snow; Love you that is not afraid of cold ling wintersweet; The view of the love you even more charming, enchanted!

冬天,白茫茫的一片,整个世界像铺上了白地毯,雪花妹妹在这个季节里翩翩起舞。 早上,我从梦中醒来,打开窗户,发现白色的大被子把世界都盖住了。一开始,雪花纷飞,过了一会儿,雪越下越大,积成了一个大约一米高左右的雪堆。雪从天上飘下来,那柔软的身姿,像个小姑娘似的。 我把手伸出窗外,雪落在手上,感觉是那么轻柔、舒服,我不禁被它所陶醉、所吸引、所…… 冬爷爷掠过这里,停留在大地上、树上、屋顶上、石头上……这里的一切都被冬爷爷那白色的胡子染白了。 在这大雪纷飞的冬天里,我还看见了傲雪凌霜的腊梅花,他迎雪绽放,不畏惧寒冷。我看见腊梅花的树枝上绽放着一朵朵红艳艳的梅花。 冬天,我爱你,爱你那轻柔的雪;爱你那不畏惧凌寒腊梅;更爱你那迷人、陶醉的景色!



First Snow

The first fall of snow is not only an event but it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up to find yourself in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment, then where is it to be found?

The very stealth, the eerie quietness, of the thing makes it more magical. Ifall the snow fell at once in one shattering crash, awakening us in the middle of the night the event would be robbed of its wonder. But it flutters down, soundless, hour after hour while we are asleep. Outside the closed curtains of the bedroom a vast transfbrmation scene is takiag place, just as if a myriad elves and brownies were at work, and we turn and yawn and stretch and know nothing about it. And then, what an extraordinary change it is! It is as if the house continent. Even the inside, which has not been touched, seems different, every room appearing smaller and cosier, just as if some power were trying to turn it into a woodcutter's hut or a snug logcabin. Outside, where the garden was yesterday, there is now a white and glistening level, and the village beyond is no longer your own familiar cluster of roofs but a village in an old German fairy-tale. You would not be surprised to learn that all the people there, the speetacled postmistress, the cobbler, the retired school master, and the rest, had suffered a change too and had become queer elvish beings, purveyors of invisible caps and magic shoes. You yourselves do not feel quite the same people you were yesterday. How could you not when so much has been changed? There is a curious stir, a little shiver of excite-ment, troubling the house, not unlike the feeling there is abroad when a journey has to be made. The children, of course, are all excitement but even the adults hang about and talk to one another longer than usual before setting down to the day's work. Nobody can resist the windows. It is like being on board a ship.






I did believe the snow was not a scene but a great wonder. It brought me much more than it had.

What a big snow I have never seen! What a beautiful snow I have never enjoy.

When I went out for school from home, I was doomed to get a wonder. Everything seemed unlucky to me. I left the umbrella at home; I couldn’t unlock my bike and a big truck held up the traffic, which took me above 5 minutes to pathe road. At last I met Charlie and we were both late for the maths class. If it happened the day before, we would go to our seats without saying anything. But today we were forced to stand outside in the cold wind because of the head teacher’s bad mood. I didn’t want to say anything. It was useless. So I began to stand with Charlie.

After a short while, we both felt so cold that we couldn’t speak a word. The world seemed very quiet. I suddenly found there was a lot of thin ice dropping from the sky. “Ice!” I shouted to Charlie who soon became excited the same as me. We expected for the snow but nothing happened.

After class, the head teacher didn’t seem to let us in. We had to stand outside for at least one more class. When the bell rang he went to teach in Cla19.

If you asked me whether I had seen a big snow before that day, I would tell you I couldn’t remember. But during that period I got the answer.

The ice turned white and turned to snow quietly. We were immersed in it without any word. From little to big, the snow changed out of my imagination. With the wind blowing heavily, the snow beat on my face, hair and covered all over my body. We couldn’t help shaking in the snow. We opened our mouths to taste the icy snow, stood still in the snow, and enjoyed the wonderful scene ourselves.

I did believe the snow was not only a scene but a great wonder as well. It bought me much more than it had.

It was too great and too beautiful that I couldn’t imagine. How fantastic it was! With the snow dropping on my body, I didn’t want to move though it was so cold.

If you lived in the north, you might think it was nothing. But the following thing was more unreal. A bird, a beautiful parrot, like an angel, flew from the sky onto Charlie’s shoulder and then flew to my shoulder. I didn’t know how to expremy feelings, only enjoying it. The parrot didn’t seem to leave. How fantastic, I thought.

The snow became smaller and smaller after class. Maybe we lost something, but we got something, too. I didn’t know what it meant. I only wished to believe it would bring me good luck.

I would never forget that day.


Winter arrived, it was getting cold, the children the most hope things is under the snow.

When it snows, the white one.

In the outside, and you will see the snow swirl in the fall from the air. Snow girl's body, the tree tree girls like with white clothes. The snow on the roof, the house seemed to wear white hat. The snow on the road, the road seems to wear the white scarf. Snow falls on the earth, the earth seems to be covered white wool.

I catch a snowflake, want to count it a few petals, but before I finish counting, it turns into water droplets quietly slip through my fingers.

Ah! I love this beautiful snow, I love the beautiful winter.






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