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Q.:Do you eat chocolate?


Yes,I like sweet food and I enjoy eating chocolates of Kisses and Dove and drinking chocolate milk.


Yes,I do. Actually I guess I might be sort of addicted to chocolates. When I'm doing my homework, working out in the gym, shopping in the street or feeling tired and dozy in the afternoon, a bite of Godiva/chocolate bar can always do the magic to refill my energy. Besides, chocolates are even more mouth-watering when being combined with milk, hazelnut or simply syrup.





be addicted to 对……上瘾,沉溺于

work out 锻炼

dozy 困倦的

refill my energy 补充我的能量

hazelnut 榛子

syrup 糖浆


Q.:Do you like flowers?


Sure.Flowers are important in my life.I like many kinds of flowers.They are beautiful and fragrant.


I'm quite fond of flowers due to the fact that there are a large range of pretty species. Furthermore, flowers are gorgeous and add colour to our lives, which can allow us to have an optimistic state of mind. More importantly, when I feel depressed or simply unhappy, a bunch of stunning flowers can absolutely cheer me up.



a large range of 很多种

species 种类

add colour to 增添色彩

optimistic state of mind 乐观的心态

depressed 沮丧的

stunning 绝美的,极好的

cheer up 使……振奋


Q.:Do flowers have special meanings in your country?


Sure.I think the most special flowers inChina is roses, because it stands for love and romance.


There are a few flowers that hold special cultural and historical significance in China including lotus, peony,narcissus,carnation and jasmine.The lotus flower in Chinese culture symbolize purity of the heart and mind.The peony is the national flower of China and it signifies the richness, prosperity, honour and high social status.




lotus 莲花

peony 牡丹

narcissus 水仙

carnation 康乃馨

jasmine 茉莉

symbolize 象征,代表

purity 纯洁

signify 表示

prosperity 繁荣,兴旺


Q.:Is it important to be patient?


Yes,It's very important to be patient. If you are patient, you can control your mood and feel happy all the time.if not, you'll easily lose temper.


?It's not easy to be patient, especially living in china, which is one of the biggest countries with large populations. Occasionally, we have to wait for food ,see a doctor and even pay the parking charge or bu stuck in the traffic. There are countless times we have to wait and from time to time it becomes frustrating. However, it's a great exercise for us to improve our endurance.

?It is essential to be patient, especially in our nation, due to the large population in most areas. For instance, it' s fundamental to be tolerant when waiting for food in a restaurant during peak hours or lining up in a long queue to buy a train ticket. Patience makes our society more pleasant, specifically since impatient people tend to get easily angry at others.


在高分答案中,先是陈述观点说耐心很重要,紧接着,通过For instance一个短语直接列出了两个例子来证明观点。



countless 无数的

frustrating 沮丧的

essential 必要的

fundamental 基本的

tolerant 容忍的

line up in a long queue 排长队

pleasant 愉快的

impatient 焦躁的

bu stuck in 陷于,困住


Q.:How do you feel about ads?


I hate ads, especially when I watch my favourite songs. Ads are very disturbing and boring. They sometimes jump in suddenly and cut the plots into pecies.


In my view, some ads can be annoying while others are humourous and amusing. On the one hand, during a TV show or movie, ads can be really bothersome and disruptive. However, they could light up my mood if they are delightful and funny.



amusing 有趣的,好笑的

bothersome 令人讨厌的

disruptive 破坏的,扰人的

light up 点亮,振奋

delightful 令人愉快的


分说法的核心是It depends on,它的后面加的是一个条件,条件成立时,是什么样子,条件不成立时,又是什么样子。

Q.:How poeple in the future may describe the early 21st century?


How poeple in the future may describe the early 21st century will largely depend on the development of economy and technology in the future. On the scenario,if science and technology become even much more advanced, then, our future generation may describe the early 21st century as less-sophisticated and even outdated. On the contrary,if the technologic and economic development will not be as good as we have in the early 21st century, they will admire our achievements and be so proud of us.







teacher的日常行动:impart knowledge/discuss theory/instill a sense of morality /offer suggestions/give feedback/check homework

我们对于teacher的感情:admire/respect(admirable/respectful)/appreciate/feel greatful




有了词汇和词伙做砖头,下一步就是句型的“筋骨”了,口语和写作的不同在于,在口语中很多我们写作中并不提倡的句型其实只要流畅使用就丝毫不会影响分数,一个显著的例子就是there be 句型,在口语中其实是非常非常好用的,其他的口语常用句型还有这些:

The reason why….is/because

I would like to…../i prefer

Enable us to /allow us to

It is really +adj +for me to

I find it +adj+ to (eg.i find it lucky to have such a quiet neighbor)

Among all the..i like..best

As for….Speaking of…/turning to /when it comes to

My favorite is /the most popular …is

It takes /took me +时间+to

…As much as …

Anything like that … (注意this 和that 的使用)

As long as…

…Rather than/instead of





Q:if you were going to give a present to a child ,what would you give ?

一些烤鸭直接说toy或者transformers ,其实都是基于经验中最常见的小孩来回答了,可以想见,有些烤鸭周围的小朋友中女生多一点,他的答案大约就是Barbie doll或者toy bear ,而身边男生多一些的烤鸭,会倾向于哒toy gun等,可见这样的答案是不全面的,在问题没有限定的基础下,应该考虑大的概念,就是child了,因此可以是男生也可以是女生,7分的答法应该是It depends on whether the child is boy or girl..然后分情况讨论。

常用的其他分类有在people里的老人和年轻人分类,男女分类以及年轻人分类,具体的情况要具体分析,但是最首要的应该是建立分类的思想,学会用it depends















1. Repeat after a recording 复述练习

The Frst time you repeat it will probably be slower than the actual recording so keep repeating until you gain the same speed as the native speaker. Be aware that you may need to use sound links, contractions and weakened forms to match their speed.



2. Repeat the same topic 重复练习相同的主题

The first time you say a Part 2 topic, for example, you will produce a somewhat slow response with little information. The more often you repeat it, the more fluently your response should come out. Remember when you begin to produce more fluent answers, you will need to add more information to ensure that you keep talking for 1-2 minutes.

刚开始练习口语测试的Part 2时,你的反应会较慢,头脑中的资料会比较少,重复练习可以改善这种状况。记住,当你讲得比较流利后,你就必须提供充分的资料来让你的回答足以持续~2分钟。

3. Use it or lose it 尽可能使用新词汇

The reason why you pause or hesitate is often in search of vocabulary which is not readily available to you. The more you use a word, the more likely it will become active vocabulary. By the same token if you never use a word that you have learnt, it is destined to be forgotten.


4. Focus on English, not IQ 专注在英文能力上

Another reason why you may break down is that you have no opinion.As a student about to study your Master's Degree, of course you want to sound very educated and knowledgeable, but remember IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, it's not an IQ test. Examiners are testing your English not your intelligence. If you can't think of a smart response, then say something obvious, boring, or even stupid but use good English while you are doing so. Saying something is better than nothing. If you say nothing then you lose points in each criterion, not just fluency. If you say something stupid, you will still gain points in each criterion. The only thing you may lose is face but who cares? You'll never see the examiner again.


5. Read, read, read 阅读各类型的文章

Again if you break down due to a lack of opinions then start reading up on a variety of topics and pay particular attention to different people's opinions. Nobody ever has a totally original opinion-everyone copies and adapts a number of ideas from various people when formulating their own opinion.


6. Don't be shy for 11-14 minutes 暂时抛开害羞的个性

Even if you are shy in your native country using your native language-a person known to be of few words, you will have to change your personality for a mere 11~14 minutes as the examiner can only make an evaluation of what he/she hears. Again, if they hear nothing or very little, then it will affect each criterion. Try to be as tallcative as possible and say as much as possible.


7. Use signpost expressions 使用“指引性”的词语

Signpost expressions are words that give the listener some direction, for example: Firstly, By this I mean, For instance, In contrast, To be honest. All these expressions give the listener some idea of what kind of information to expect next, which makes it easier to follow and understand the conversation.

使用一些“指引性”的词语,给听者指引方向,让听者能立即且清楚地知道你要表达的信息,例如:Firstly(首先)、By this I mean(我的意思是)、For instance(例如)、In contrast(相反)、To be honest(老实说)。

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