鹿晗出生于北京海淀区,是mainland China的一名电影演员和歌手。英文里面有很多关于鹿晗的作文。你想知道写一篇关于鹿晗的英语作文是怎么写的吗?下面是如何写一篇关于鹿晗的英语作文。让我们来看看!


I have oneI'm very favorite idol.His name is Lu Han.He is a member of EXO.He was born in Beijing.He has other idol has no spirit.He is very stick.He was fight in KOREA alone.He is very handsome.He is good at singing and dancing.Sometimes he plays soccer with xiumin.He also likes to play basketball.HE is very outgoing.HE likes Tea with milk.Sometimes he with sehun drink it.He is a helpful handout spirit.He has a lot of advantages.SO I very love him.



Luhan (LU HAN), was born in Beijing in April 20, 1990, isChina a member of the EXO/EXO-M group, a singer,dancer, appearance more bear. Students in South Koreadue to outstanding appearance and temperament inMyeong Dong shopping company scouted by S.MEntertainment. In 2010 to enter the SM company to become its practice, in December 27, 2011 to meet with you through the EXO website public portrait and thetrailer, and the combination of EXO official debut in April 8, 2012. A debut to handsome handsome appearance,singing and dancing all stage strength, excellent personalcharm won many fans love.

To sing and dance well, both mischievous and manchildish atmosphere play, helpful handout spirit; shy with strangers, acquaintances escapades, occasionally small confused, bursting point low, natural stay Meng, no idol burden.


Lu Han is a handsome guy but I don't think he is straight just saying. He is about 170cm with a face that kills every single ladies his voice is a charm that makes me so obssessed. The most thing that attracts me is his personality when you look at him you feel positive when you make eye contact with him it feels like sunshines all over you. Lu Han is a handsome guy but I really don't think he is straight seriously.


Everyone has their favourite star .Such as Zhao Wei,Xu Song,Chen Xiang and so on .But my favourite star is Lu Han.He is a singer from EXO.He is a young Chinese boy that dreamed to be a singer before .He likes singing and dancing .He is called "Xiao Lu "by his fans .His singing and dancing very well .We all love him very much .He has ever said ."I'm a singer called Lu Han ,not idol called Lu Han." What's more ,He is so lovely that everyone likes him .So I love him forever .I 'm proud of him .


I have a friend named LuHan. Her medium height shapely oval face small eyes but great temperament. She is interested in singing and dancing. She has participated in the city's singing competition won the first prize. She loves sports like hiking fitness. She was a helpful person. Once she saw in the street an old lady fell on the road she was sent to hospital after the old woman propped up their own money to grandma doctor then quietly leave even the name was left. I liked her.

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