I hear many people say that Guilin is a beautiful city,but I didn’t go there before.Happily,I got a chance to visit there last month.It’s a small and quiet city.People are friendly,because it’s a famous tourist city.There are many foreigners travel to Guilin.Li River,Two Rivers and Four Lakes,Elephant Trunk Hill and Peak of Solitary Beauty are the most famous views.I visited them all and I think they are amazing.After enjoying myself in Guilin,I visited to Yangshuo by boat.Along the way to Yangshuo,I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Li River.Yangshuo is a wonderful place,too.The West Street attracts many tourists,especially young people,because there are many bars and clubs there.I didn’t go to the bars because I am a middle school student.Maybe someday in the future,I will.In short,it was really a pleasant trip to Guilin.



It was Summer. l came to Guilin by train. As soon as I left the station, a few minutes' bus ride took me to the "Hill of Elephant Trunk". The Hill of Elephant Trunk is very big and really like an elephant drinking water. The city of Guilin is small. Looking up, I saw mountains around and in front of me. All of the houses seemed to be at the foot of the mountains.

The water of the Li River is clear and green. Many ships harbour at the part, which is very near, only a few yerds' away. I went to the seven star park and got on the seven star rock. Inside the cave is a magnificent sight. The thousand-year-old stone olocks, the stone bamboos, with the explanation of Miss Guide. become alive and glisten in color.Then I came to the "Camel Hill", which is exactly like a camel. I wanted to ride on its back. The wonder of Guilin lies in its natural beauty, without any artificial element. I rowed in the river and enjoyed it greatly. The rain falls and the mountains are enveloped in steam and fog.

Guilin, the small city is unique and like a water color painting, especially a Chinese painting. I want to actualize my potentiality to add to its color.


Guilin landscape botanical garden is located in the southwest of downtown, in the original production of Montenegro of virescence seedling nursery based on construction. Montenegro nursery was founded in 1938, is the guilin first garden nursery. In 1993 changed to guilin botanical garden in Montenegro. Guilin in October 2005, the government in order to optimize the ascension of the old city, old city reconstruction, initiated the ecological construction in Montenegro, invested more than 6000 ten thousand yuan, in July 2008, completed the first phase of construction and open to the public free of charge, and the formal name for guilin botanical garden landscape.

Guilin landscape botanical garden is a collection of scientific research, popular science, sightseeing, leisure in one comprehensive park, covers an area of 47.9 hectares, to guilin urban land currently the largest park. It was opened, to further improve the guilin city park layout, enrich the urban ecological environment, optimize the urban landscape, provides citizens with a flying mood, pleasure beautiful comfortable green environment, at the same time close the positive interaction of public gardens and service economy.

Guilin landscape botanical garden trees towering, vegetation is rich, sort is various, tall trees with guilin native tree species as skeleton, to for the bright spot of colored tree species and rare plants, according to the principle of "protection first, after development", on the basis of effective to keep the original vegetation, introduced the cultivation of all kinds of plant species, 1000 kinds of varieties of more than 2600.

Rare botanical garden, sweet osmanthus garden expo park, banyan tree, palm garden, tea garden, magnolia, YinXingYuan, European garden, cafe DE jack, garden, bonsai garden, flower hall, baihua stage, such as park, has a plant diversity to collect, display, protection, utilization of resources, education, recreation, and other functions, become a unique scenery line, city is a miniature of the society, the harmonious development of man and nature.


Guilin is a sunny land in my mind. I dream of going there on holiday every year. It's well-known for its natural beauty.Firstly, owing to the good latitude, it's neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. So it seems like spring all the year round.Secondly, as no large industry there and focus on tourism, there's almost no pollution. Maybe we can enjoy our beautiful nature there.Thirdly, the landscape in Guilin is the best in the world. For example, Lijiang River is as clean as a mirror. While boating on Lijiang River, I found myself in wonderland. The mountains along the river are so fantastic. Some of them look like animals; some of them look like plants; and some of them look like human beings. The elephant mountain, it's the symbol of the city.What's more, it's also worth visiting the silver cave. It's eroded by carbon dioxide and water falls. As you enter into the cave, you will discover yourself in another fanciful world. You can't imagine how magic our nature is.


As a center for tourism,Guilin boasts magnificentnatural beauty and many precious culturalrelics.The colorful ethnic background lends a touch ofmystery that enhances its fame.


Lijiang River symbolizes the area,as this picturesque river is a major component of Guilinscenery and is publicly recognized as the first-class tourist resort in the world. As it sparkles inthe sunlight the river meanders through lush mountains like a liquid jade belt. To reallyappreciate the scenery a cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is a must and your voyage ofdiscovery can be divided roughly into three sections.


The first of these is from downtown Guilin where you board the cruiser to Huangniu Xia(valley ).As soon as you leave the landing stage you will begin to enjoy the natural wonder and localcustoms.


Upon reaching Huangniu Xia(valley).the cruiser enters upon the second section. This part is thevery essence of Lijiang River. The gorgeous mountains and the crystal water together with theromantic legends are certain to impress you.


Shuiluo Village marks the beginning of the third and final section that ends at Yangshuo. Alongthis stretch of the river you pass through pastoral scenes unchanged for generations as thebanks are lined with quaint fishing villages,farmland and bamboo groves. Here you will seewater buffalo,ducks swimming in line and the small boats used by fishermen when they plythe river with cormorants to catch fish from its abundant stocks. This quiet rural beauty.astunning contrast to the hustle and bustle of the modern city streets,is a joy to behold.

到了水螺村,即标志着人们进入观光的第三部分,这一部分一直持续到整个水程的终点阳朔。在这一段水面上,人们将经过百余年未曾有过改变的田园诗般的美丽景地:两岸一个个古老而别致的渔村 ,一片片风景画般的农田和一片片郁郁葱葱的竹林。在这里,们还能看到成群的水牛,游成一线的水鸭以及渔民们带着鸬鹚在水中捕鱼时所用的小船。这种宁静的乡村美景与人群涌动、喧嚣触沸的城市街道相比竟是那么地不同,令人身心愉悦,流连忘返!

There are havens of peace within the city such as Diecai Hill(Folded Brocade Hill),also namedGui Hill. This hill is easy to climb,making it popular with visitors.While stepping into theNayun Pavilion on Mingyue Peak,you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the whole city.


There are more than 30 noted scenic spots within the boundaries of Guilin Peak. Among themare a hill standing in solitary loftiness in the center of the city:the Elephant Trunk Hill,thecity's symbol,so named because of its resemblance to an elephant's sipping water from theLijiang River with its trunk.


The city also boasts other beautiful hills,such as the Fubo Hill,which is supposed to restrainthe waters of the Lijiang River,and Nanxi Hill that stands magnificently like a huge screen.


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