Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln) (1809-1865) Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, led the rescue and put an end to the federal system in the great struggle against slavery. Although he only received a little bit in the border primary education, the public has little experience, however, his keen insight and deep awareness of the humanitarian, he became history's greatest president. Lincoln on February 12, 1809 dawn was born in Harding County, New Mexico, Kentucky, three miles south of the Hall in the bungalow. In his own words, his childhood was "a concise chronicle of poverty." When I was small, he helped the family move firewood, mentioning water, and do farm work. Nine-year-old when his mother died, Lincoln, which is a cruel blow. Fortunately, his stepmother good, and often urged him to study, study, the relationship between he and his stepmother very harmonious. Later, grew up in Lincoln began independent living, he had been farm workers, masons, and boatmen. In 1830, Lincoln moved to a Illinois, where he first made a political speech. As criticism of black slaves, some in the public cause, in public in Lincoln with, plus he has outstanding character, and in 1834 he was elected to the state.

Two years later, Lincoln became a lawyer through self-study, the state legislature soon became Whig Party leaders. In 1846, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives. In 1854, the Northern states of slavery abolitionists and limitations of bourgeois who formed the Republican Party, Lincoln quickly become the new party leader. In 1858, he made a famous speech "family dispute" for black slaves limit development to achieve the reunification of the motherland. Bourgeois speech expressed the desire of the North, also reflected the will of the people, thereby Lincoln has gained tremendous popularity. In 1860, Lincoln as a Republican candidate, he was elected the 16th President of the United States. Shortly after Lincoln took office, the Southern slaveholders provoke a civil war. In this war, Lincoln shoulders the burden of heavy, the vast majority of the past President of the United States is second to none. However, by virtue of his own extraordinary

perseverance and determination to fulfill their duties, even when the slander was also in the direction he has never wavered: restoration Federation, the abolition of slavery. In September 1862, Lincoln issued the famous "Declaration of the liberation of black slaves," announced the abolition of slavery, the liberation of black slaves. In June 1864 the Civil War to victory in the north end, it marks the complete collapse of slavery. Since Lincoln's remarkable feat, November 8, 1864 he was re-elected as President of the United States. However, before the Lincoln and his war policies put into effect, the tragedy happened. In April 1865 the evening of 14 10:15 on the army in the south

surrendered after five days, the Ford Theater in Washington, Lincoln was assassinated. White is a murderer named Andean sympathy South insanity actor. On April 15, 1865, Abraham Lincoln died at the age of 56 years. After Lincoln died, his body in 14 cities for the portrayal of the more than two weeks, was buried in Prince Rumsfeld.

亚伯拉罕·林肯 ( Abraham Lincoln ) (1809-1865) 亚伯拉罕·林肯是美国第 16 任总统,领导了拯救联邦和结束奴隶制度的伟大斗争。尽管他仅在边疆受过一点儿初级教育,担任公职的经验也很少,然而,他那敏锐的洞察力和深厚的人道主义意识,使他成了美国历史上最伟大的总统。 林肯 1809年 2月12日黎明出生在肯塔基州哈定县霍尔以南 3 英里的小木屋里。用他自己的话说,他的童年是“一部贫穷的简明编年史”。

小时候,他帮助家里搬柴、提水、做农活等。 9 岁的时候,母亲去世,这对林肯来说是一个残酷的打击。幸而继母对他很好,常常督促他读书、学习,他和继母的关系很融洽。后来,长大的林肯开始独立谋生,他当过农场雇工、石匠、船夫等。 1830 年,林肯一家迁居伊利诺斯州,在那里他第一次发表了政治演说。由于抨击黑奴制,提出一些有利于公众事业的建议,林肯在公众中有了影响,加上他具有杰出的人品, 1834 年他被选为州议员。两年后,林肯通过自学成为一名律师,不久又成为州议会辉格党领袖。 1846 年,他当选为美国众议员。 1854 年,北方各州主张废奴和限制奴隶制的资产阶级人士成立了共和党,林肯很快成为这个新党的领导者。

1858 年,他发表了有名演说《家庭纠纷》,要求限制黑人奴隶的发展,实现祖国统一。演说表达了北方资产阶级的愿望,也反映了全国人民的意愿,因而为林肯赢得了巨大声望。 1860 年,林肯作为共和党候选人,当选为美国第 16 任总统。 林肯上任后不久,南部奴隶主挑起了南北战争。在这场战争中,林肯肩上的担子之沉重,是以往绝大多数美国总统无法比拟的。但是,他凭借着自己的非凡毅力和决心履行了自己的职责,即使在遭到诋毁时,也从未动摇他的方向:恢复联邦、废除奴隶制。 1862 年 9 月,林肯发布了有名的《解放黑奴宣言》,宣布废除奴隶制,解放黑奴。 1864 年 6 月南北战争以北方胜利而告结束,它标志着奴隶制的彻底崩溃。

由于林肯的卓越功绩, 1864 年 11 月 8 日他再次当选为美国总统。然而,还没等林肯把他的战后政策付诸实施,悲剧发生了。 1865 年 4 月 14 日晚 10 时 15 分,就在南方军队投降后第5天,林肯在华盛顿福特剧院遇刺。凶手是一个名叫白斯的同情南方的精神错乱的演员。

1865 年 4 月 15 日,亚伯拉罕·林肯去世,时年 56 岁。林肯去世后,他的遗体在 14 个城市供群众凭吊了两个多星期,后被安葬在普林斯菲尔德。



Zhou Enlai was born in Huai'an,Jiangsu,on March 5,1898.In 1917,he finished school in Nankai Middle School,and then went to France to learn Marxist theory.In 1922,he joined the Chinese Communist Party.After that,he was active in his work and directed the Party work in Shanghai.

He led the famous uprising—-Nanchang Uprising on August 1st,1927.Then he took part in the Long March.From 1937 to 1945,he worked in South China.

After the People's Republic of China was founded,he was elected Premierof China.He put all his heart into the work and always worked until midnight.He had no time to think about himself,but only the Chinese people.

Premier Zhou died on January 8th,1976.The whole nation was in deep sorrow at his death for he was loved by all the people.Our beloved Premier Zhou will always be alive in our Chinese people's hearts.He was a great Marxist and communist.






In China's flier – – Liu Xiang name origin (Original name) Liu Xiang originally should be called Liu Ji (, because at that time was popular father's surname takes the surname, mother's surname takes. The Liu Xiang father's name is Liu Xuegen, the mother to be called the lucky powder to be colored.), but Liu Ji's standard spoken Chinese pronunciation likely fails a grade, therefore is overruled by the relative. After that Uncle Liu Xiang's and uncle proposed the Liu Qiang name, hoped his body is strong, but was opposed by the Liu Xiang mother, because at that time lived in their family nearby child calls , is child who is not obedient. To finally, uncle proposed Liu Xiang's name, “flies in circles” and “strong” pronounces similarly in the Shanghai dialect, in addition “flies in circles” has the soaring and the propitious meaning, therefore, Liu Xiang this name established finally.

在中国的飞人——刘翔 名字由来(Original name) 刘翔本应叫刘吉(由于当时流行把父亲的姓氏作为姓,母亲的姓氏作为名。刘翔父亲叫刘学根,母亲叫吉粉花。),但刘吉的普通话发音像留级,因此被亲戚否决。其后刘翔的叔叔和姑父提出了刘强的名字,希望他身体强壮,但又被刘翔母亲反对,因当时住在他们家附近的孩子叫“强强”,是个不听话的孩子。到了最后,姑父提出了刘翔的名字,“翔”和“强”在上海话发音差不多,加上“翔”有飞翔和吉祥的意思,因此,刘翔这个名字最终成立了。


Thomas Edison,one of the greates inventors and entrepreneurs throughout the history of mankind, could be best case of how persistence works in the course of pursuing success. Just imagine, having experienced thousands of times of unsuccessful attempts, how could he have succeeded in inventing the first electric lamp and changed the world without persistence?

To further illustrate the importance of being patient, I would like to take Thomas Edison as a case in point: as one of the greatest inventors throughout the history of mankind who experienced thousands of times of unsuccessful attempts in the course of scientific inquiry, how could he have invented the first electric lamp and changed the world without patience and persistence ?



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